Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

10 Tips For New Parents
Gillian Stewart, Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The early weeks can be quite daunting as a new parent.

Feeding your baby and getting your baby to sleep at the right times can often be challenging.

Below are a few little tips to help you at the start of your parenting journey:

1. Aim for really good feeds so your baby can sleep well at nap time. Half full is not enough so keep your baby awake to encourage them to take a full feed.

2. Introduce happy, stimulating wake times. Even a newborn baby enjoys periods of being awake.

3. Avoid feeding your baby to sleep. Babies need to know where they are when they go down to sleep. Always encourage the longer nap at lunchtime and allow time for self-settling before offering your baby a little help. Half an hour is not enough!

4. Consistency, positivity and a calm environment will ensure that your baby feels relaxed and safe in their little world.

5. Babies are very fickle, so never worry if one day doesn't go according to plan. Tomorrow is always another day.

6. Your baby will love you unconditionally so try not to feel guilty over the choices you make.

7. Be super confident and believe in yourself and your decisions.

8. Accept help if it is offered, particularly if it is a home cooked meal left on your doorstep!

9. Look after yourself. Eat well and rest when you can - don't feel guilty about putting your feet up if you get 5 minutes peace.

10. Parenting can be tough but remember to enjoy your little one. Never forget that you are doing an amazing job.