Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Autumn is Definitely Here!
Gillian Stewart, Monday, October 25, 2021

Little ones love walking in the woods, kicking the leaves, jumping in the puddles, getting muddy and then snuggling on the sofa at home with some books.

Autumn brings Halloween fun too! Dressing up, pumpkin carving, baking and eating treats with friends.

However, all this can be over shadowed by the dreaded clock change! Over the years of helping little ones to adjust, I have found that many parents can find it extremely stressful.

Moving your child's routine gently beforehand will make the change easier for them however, you can just carry on as if nothing has changed.

Accept an early wake up call and carry on at the time it is, not what it was. Your little one may be a little more tired for a few days but plan some exciting things to do, avoid long car journeys (children will just fall asleep at the wrong time), give energy boosting foods and include lots of lovely fresh air.

Children are very adaptable so be super positive and perhaps a little more patient until they have adjusted.

A slightly earlier bedtime for a few days might just help everyone!