Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

British Summer Time
Gillian Stewart, Thursday, March 19, 2020
In these very difficult times perhaps the thought of summer might be what we need to cheer us all up.

British summer time begins on Sunday 29th March. This means that the clocks will go forward 1 hour.

Some little ones find the clock change difficult and you can find that bedtimes are rather late and this can lead to disturbed nights and difficult daytime naps.

If you would like to help your little one cope with the time change, then you will need to start to move their routine back by an hour gradually over the week leading up to March 29th.
I suggest that you move everything by 15 minutes, every couple of days. Please remember that this includes daytime naps, feeds, meals and the start and end of the day. This way you will arrive at the right time on the Sunday morning!

At least you can enjoy a few longer evenings for a few days!

If you don’t manage to do this before the clock change, don’t worry. You can just move things afterwards. You will need to remember that your little one won’t happily go to bed and sleep at their usual time, until their body clock has shifted.

This is the time to check that you have blackout blinds and lined curtains in the nursery or the room where your little one sleeps. Any light coming into the room is a stimulant and you really don’t need tricky bedtimes!

Enjoy the longer days and hopefully the warmer weather. Children thrive outdoors so have lots of walks and fun in the garden.
Children don’t even care if it is raining - puddle jumping is a great way to entertain little ones!