Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

British Summer Time
Gillian Stewart, Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The long winter is finally over! Warm sunshine and lighter evenings to look forward to.

However, the lighter evenings can bring tricky bedtimes for little ones. It can be extremely difficult for children to understand why it is bedtime when the sun is still shining!

A consistent routine is all that is needed to let your little one know that it is bedtime. 

Tea, calm end to the day, bath, story and straight to bed. These consistent cues will be enough to let your child’s body know that it is time for sleep.

Remember to close the bedroom curtains at the start of the bedtime routine and also around the house, to create a calm atmosphere.

Losing an hours sleep is certainly not appreciated by any parent of young children! British Summer Time starts this weekend with the clocks going forward an hour. Try not to think about losing an hour and just move straight into the new time!

Walks, outings, bike rides, picnics and much more. Fresh air and exercise helps promote good sleep for you and your children.

Enjoy the outdoors!