Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Car Seat Safety
Gillian Stewart, Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Safety for our children, particularly when it comes to travelling in vehicles, is of course absolutely paramount.

As parents it is our job to secure our children safely, and in the correct car seat for the vehicle.

In these strange times we are all experiencing at the moment, we haven’t been out and about quite as much as we might otherwise have been.
Children grow before our very eyes and before we know it, they are into the next size  clothes and the next stage car seat!

The regulations around car seats has changed considerably. It is your child’s weight and height that determines the correct car seat. Depending on your vehicle some car seats are not suitable, so careful research does pay off.

We all know that a toddler can at times, put up quite a resistance when being strapped into their car seat. This of course means that the straps may not fit correctly giving them the opportunity to become little escape artists, which is an absolute nightmare!

Wearing bulky outdoor clothing will certainly add to the problem of ill fitting straps. Babies and children do not need to wear their coats and snow suits in a lovely warm car! If it is a little chilly, pop a small blanket across your little ones lap once they are safely strapped in their seat.

There is a good website called ‘goodeggcarsafety’. It has information, lots of advice and great tips about buying car seats and how to check that your child is safely secured whilst travelling. It even has tips on how to deal with little escape artists!

It is certainly worth the time and effort to regularly check your baby/child’s car seat and make the necessary adjustments or even make a new purchase.

Safe travelling.