Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Is Using a Child’s Harness & Reins Lazy Parenting?
Gillian Stewart, Friday, August 14, 2020

Parents today are forever being judged.

One of the latest topics to come under scrutiny is whether it is lazy parenting to use reins on your child.

Toddlers are very busy little people. They have endless energy and just want to feel free to explore the world around them. However, they have absolutely no fear!

Being strapped into a pushchair is certainly necessary for most trips out, especially if you need to get anywhere in a hurry. However, there are times when you need to allow toddlers a little more freedom, whilst keeping them safe.

Everything is a fine balance when parenting your little ones. If your toddler is a runner or an escape artist, then a harness is the safest option when out and about. Balance these times with lots of opportunities for your toddler to be completely free and safe without any restraints. This will encourage their confidence and self esteem and start to build your trust in them.

If reins keep your toddler safe at the appropriate times and makes life a little easier for you then great, so well done!