Little Routines, Gillian Stewart

Summertime Is Over
Gillian Stewart, Monday, October 21, 2019

British summertime ends on Sunday 27th at 02.00hrs.

The clocks go back one hour meaning that we get an extra hours sleep! Well, that is if you don’t have a little person!

Unfortunately children don’t appreciate an extra hour in bed. In fact it is the last thing they want!

The extra hour will mean that your child will start their day rather early. If you have an early riser then they will be awake and ready to start their day at 5am! (This of course is 6am for them).
Don’t worry too much. Children adjust quite quickly but you can help them by moving their routine gradually, rather than expecting them to adjust straight away.

If you have time, you can begin this week by moving all timings forward by about 15 minutes every few days.

Winter is on its way. Let’s embrace it - frosty walks, cosy story times by the fire, Christmas fun and perhaps even some snow!