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The Ultimate BABY Book
Gillian Stewart, Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The 2021 edition of The Ultimate BABY Book is on sale now.

This fabulous magazine is full of tips, advice and month to month guides to help you along the sometimes bumpy road of parenting.

It takes you from the first trimester through to birth and the early years. It will help to reassure you if you are feeling a little daunted.

Your excitement levels will certainly be boosted when you read the myriad of gorgeous baby products to buy!

‘Expert Advice’ are pages where your questions are answered - in this issue, I give tips on how to keep your baby healthy when they start nursery, to reduce the chances of picking up bugs. 

After all, although we are all concerned about the Coronavirus, there are still the normal viruses and germs around! 

Top tip: healthy eating and sleeping patterns will certainly give babies and children better protection against illness.

Happy parenting!