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Little Routines Services

Parenting is not an easy job and you may find yourself facing problems. Little things just creep up on you. These in turn build up, until you find yourself struggling with things such as feeding, sleeping or a crying baby who will not settle. This can affect family life and a calm home will quickly descend into a stressed and unhappy one.

I can offer help, advice and support for you and your baby. I will be very flexible to your needs and together we can work out the best way I am able to help you. This may be through telephone calls, emails and home visits.

Please don't ever feel that you have failed. You are doing a great job. Asking for a little help can show how much you care and love your baby.

An email or telephone conversation is often all that is needed to sort a problem out and turn your life around.

Emails from ..... £135 to include follow-up emails as necessary for up to two weeks.

Telephone call up to 1 hour ..... £185 to include call summary email and follow-up emails as necessary for up to two weeks.

Home consultation from ..... £95 per hour plus travel costs.

Baby preparation visit ..... 4-5 hour home visit £485 plus travel costs.

Maternity nursing ..... from £600 per day plus travel costs.

Please contact me for more information on the various pricing options I can offer you.

Setting Routines

A routine is so important for you and your baby to enable you to plan your days and be able to understand your baby’s needs. This can take time but a flexible routine can be put in place from day one.

There are many routine options but there will be one that suits you and your family. I can help you make this choice and talk through how to put the routine in place and how to move it on as your baby grows and develops.

Routines can be put in place for feeding, sleeping, wake times, bath and bedtime. A calm bedtime routine sets you and your baby up for a good night. This of course is what every parent hopes for.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Parenting can certainly be challenging. Just when you think everything is going smoothly, a problem or concern can arise all too easily.

Some of the problems you may face are: lack of routine, sleeping and self-settling, breast and bottle-feeding, a fussy feeder, a crying baby or reflux. As your baby develops into a toddler and a busy little child you may face tantrums, behavioural problems, mealtime battles or disturbed nights. Any one of these can easily occur and not necessarily through any fault of your own. Try not to blame yourself and feel people are judging you. This is your baby, your toddler or your child and you will be doing the very best for him or her. I can help to guide you back on track again.

Any problem can be addressed by telephone, email or home visit.


Baby Preparation Day

I will visit you in your home before your baby is born, to plan and help set up the nursery. The myriad baby products on the market can be daunting, so I have put together a comprehensive list of everything you will need for you and your baby. A shopping trip together may be helpful.

It is also an opportunity to talk through any concerns and questions you may have regarding the care of your baby.

Being prepared before your little one arrives, makes the last few weeks of your pregnancy and the early days with your baby, much calmer and more enjoyable.



Breastfeeding may seem quite a challenge for you. You will hear many stories about the ins and outs of breastfeeding.

It is something that you will need to learn together with your baby.

Support at this time can be invaluable. Some mothers struggle and feed times can become stressful for you and your baby. A hungry baby is an unhappy baby.

I will visit you in your home and spend time talking through the process of breastfeeding. I will observe a feed and then help you achieve the correct latch and feeding position for you and your baby.

A calm but purposeful approach is needed.


Bottle Feeding

You may decide to bottle feed your baby or to do a combination of breast and bottle feeding. There is a huge range of teats, bottles and sterilising equipment on the market. The process of which to buy, along with which type of formula to use, can be daunting.

We can talk through the different types and find one that is best suited to you and your baby.

Sterilising is recommended for the first year of your baby's life. I will show you how to sterilize the bottle feeding equipment and what is required. I will show you how to make up a feed and talk through the latest guidelines concerning bottle feeding.



Weaning your baby can seem quite a challenge and there are different schools of thought as to how and when you wean your baby. The change from all milk feeds to solid food, needs to be a gradual process.

I will visit you in your home and talk through when the right time to introduce solid food to your baby is and how you begin weaning him or her.

We can look at some of the products available on the market that you will need for weaning. I will also talk through the best foods to introduce initially and which foods should be avoided in the first year.

It is important to have the correct chair to feed your baby in, so we can discuss some of the options and find the best choice for you and your baby.

I can advise you on your baby's routine and how you can move the routine on, to become part of family meal times.

Short Term Maternity Nursing

This is a tailor made service that I offer for you and your baby. It covers all aspects of baby care through teaching and guiding, together with routines set from day one.

I am able to set a flexible routine for you and your baby by establishing good feeds, good wake times and good sleep times together with all the support you need.

It is about finding exactly what your needs are and working together to achieve them.


Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for a rather special gift or maybe you would just like to treat someone, I offer the perfect choice.

You can purchase a gift voucher to a value to suit your budget or for one of my services. My gift vouchers come with a decorative ribbon, ready to be received.

They make the perfect baby shower present too!