Little Routines, Gillian Stewart
Little Routines

Baby & Child Consultant

Specialising in: sleep and bedtime routines, daytime routines, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning, troubleshooting and sleep training.


Through my many years of working with babies and young children, I believe that to have a happy, contented baby and a calm home, routine is vital.

Many of the problems that occur as your baby grows older are due to lack of routine. Children thrive on a loving routine. They learn to understand what to expect and what is expected of them. As they grow and develop, boundaries will be pushed. This is their way of learning. If there are no boundaries, problems arise very quickly and both parent and child feel out of control.

A flexible routine can be put in place from day one. Very quickly you will have a happy and contented baby who sleeps through the night. You will feel in control and able to understand your baby’s needs.